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Private services

for corporations 

Need to strengthen your teams, attract new partners, retain your employees,

fittingly celebrate your events and optimize your performance but you do not know

where to start and all this requires a lot of time.  

Do not waste any more time and treat yourself with the easiest way.  


Lamara becomes your one and only contact, saving time thanks to

to our team of experts and our large network of partners.

Because your human capital also deserves to be pampered.


Short on time.

Looking for a one-time help in your offices.

Would like to offer a little levity to your managers.

Delivery services

Gift shopping

Personnel search assistance

Laundry service

Dog walker

Relaxing and sports activities planning.



Want to stand out.

Welcoming meetings 

Immortalized contract signatures

Highlighted promotions

Unforgettable end-of-year celebrations

Memorable business trips

Team building

Need to strengthen cohesion and

 well-being of your teams.

Goal setting

Original and adapted activities

Engaging challenges

Behavioral study

Team debriefing

Lamara organizes your innovative and energizing Team Building!



Wish to give a warm welcome to your future collaborators coming from abroad.

We dedicate our expertise to their mobility!

Distributable credits 

Wish to:

Thank your managers

Boost and retain your employees

Surprise your customers  

Support your assistants

Attract new talents  ​

Buy credits, distribute the at your will, offering access to our concierge services.  

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