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Have an exceptional Christmas 
How about spending a magical evening at your home? Would you perhaps be happy with a stay in the mountains? Are you more in the mood for Christmas in the sun?

It's not too late to organize your holiday season.

Pssst ... We have lots of original ideas
for unforgettable gifts.

Have an exceptional Christmas!

L'achat de cadeaux originaux et emballés avec soin.

Un chef à domicile ou un service traiteur.

Design, impression et envoie de vos invitations et menus.

Une décoration intérieure féerique.

Une aide supplémentaire, chez vous, au moment des festivités.

Are you sure you have thought of everything?

Whether you run out of ideas or

time, whether you want to organize Christmas at home, with your family, or for your employees, Lamara makes your evening an unforgettable memory.

We take care of your purchases, decorate your table, call

to the best caterer, let's take care to wrap your gifts, find

the cutest nanny, ...

Take full advantage

of this magical moment.  

We make Christmas,

your unique moment.


Guess what ... it's not too late to organize everything

of your festivities!

Imaginez ...

Imagine ...

  Don't you think it's high time to have some fun?


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A revitalizing Christmas

You have just arrived in your warm chalet, decorated with pleasure.

The oven is still hot, spicy cookies

are waiting for you at the entrance counter.

You are tempted to immerse yourself in the spa

but a sleigh awaits you in front of the front door. You enjoy this magnificent, wild and immaculate setting. Launched, you put on your skis and hit the slopes. Now you can lounge around while the chef cooks up a delicious traditional Christmas meal for you.

And in your evening clothes,

you revel in this enchanted moment. 


A memorable corporate evening

You are not dreaming, it is your employees and some of your customers who are watching you arrive in this magnificent decorated room.

Music, evening wear, gourmet buffet and cocktails come together to offer you

a dream overview.

Everyone would like to thank you for this timeless, warm and motivating moment. 


A magical evening

Your guests arrive in an enchanting setting accompanied by soft music.

Maybe a jazz band? Intoxicated by

the scents emanating from the kitchen, you are about to sit down at the table when they discover your sumptuous Christmas table.

You taste, together, wines and dishes passionately concocted, for you, before embarking on a magical waltz.

Now watch and enjoy the spark that emanates from the eyes of your guests. You got there, everyone is charmed by this lovely evening.


A restful stay

You feel the rays of the sun creeping over your face and a gentle warmth begins to overwhelm you. You have arrived at your destination.

Finally, far from the city, you have the opportunity to find yourself. You watch your children play in the water when they bring you something to quench their thirst.

Later, after a great day, your Christmas dinner is ready. You slip your feet under the table and you revel in this sumptuous meal.

You look at each other and admire each other

your big smiles, nicely enhanced

by your tanned complexion.

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